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Scope of Work


We gather any and all pieces of content and draw out wireframes for what is needed for Heart & Core Branding.  This will include but not be limited to: recreating website, membership plans, ebooks, mobile personal training/nutrition guides, facebook ads, and email campaigns 


I will build from the website up.  this means that all things start with the online website presence and branding which will then lead into all other facets of your online presence.  
We will build an offer for your customers and start to communicate that out to them. 


Finally, we button up what’s left of  the offer, creating the online brand to promote globally, possibly create an app for Heart & Core – where people can get in contact with you immediately and you can push content in real-time. Here we will ensure the correct audience is being reached


I lay out very loose expectations for both sides – if there are any questions about this we can revisit at any time and work through what’s needed.


This will all need to come from previously created logos and branding kits.

Web Design

This is a very collaborative effort.  I am not a graphic designer but I do have one I use often that I can call upon if needed.

Search Engine Optimization

I will work on all backend programming, with the help from you to pull appropriate keywords.

Content Strategy

Content creation and strategy need to be rock solid before going live.  I like to keep the change management to a minimum even though it will happen.

Information Architecture

Simply put, I will need access to all social media and youtube accounts but will take absolutely no ownership of any of it.

Work Structure

I pride myself on being extremely flexible and transparent about processes.  There will no doubt be frustrations along the way but I use the stop and take a beat method to resolving problems 


I work collaboratively so I’ll be making time to be in your office as well as wherever we can sit and discuss things most effectively.


This is what a traditional project will cost out of pocket

Project Total

Down Payment

Let’s get started!

PHONE: 208.409.3552
EMAIL: brooke@jayladigital.com

Brooke Lacey

Owner, Principal Developer