Learn the Intuitive and Flow State skills to have excellence on call in your life.

I’m so glad you’re exploring how we can work together. Let me help you create a powerful, customized pathway to the flow state! I’ve worked with pro athletes and artists including world class ballet dancers, wall street execs, and anyone who seeks excellence!


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Ready to experience the FLOW State?

Zone Formula Academy

Learn to get in the zone on command in just six weeks. t his is a skill that will soon be the superpower you use Daily. Learn to align with the people places prosperity, talents and opportunities you’re meant to be aligned with. Enjoy better performance and learn to crush your goals.

The Zone formula academy: digital zone course includes Weekley live trainings for 6 weeks all recorded lifetime access to content downloadable course materials each week.


Light club membership

What are we saying light club stays in light club. Join this club if you’d like weekly inspiration uplifting mindset tips and Powerful affirmations and opportunities to live a dream life with lots of light. I am building the tribe! Leave Doom and Gloom behind and rise above. It helps to have guidance and connection during these times. This is the time to focus our attention on the good stuff to create a better world for those who can’t quite imagine a better world yet. Let’s leave the mediocre and depressing behind. Light club includes lots of things. Master classes, group calls or online or in-person meetings, parties from time to time, online parties to! And remote healing sessions if you’re up for it. You’ll get monthly many ebooks to uplift your life guaranteed to help you live the life of Your dreams


VIP Zone Coaching

Add on formula Academy plus all the extras! Learn to get in the Zone on command in just six or fewer weeks. This is a skill that will soon be the superpower you use daily to align with the people places Prosperity talents and fierceness in life that you know you are capable of. Learning to get in the zone is an elite and rare skill. To monthly private one-on-one sessions for 4 months with Laura weekly live trainings for 4 weeks all recorded course Talisman custom personalized MP3 to help you get in the zone the digital Zone formula course lifetime access to content downloadable course materials


Mental performance mind body coach training

Work with Laura to create the pathway to your mental Performance training education. This program includes epigenetics healing Mind Body medicine training and you’ll learn how to get others into the zone


"Coach Laura is a unique person with a special gift to help athletes"

– Shaquille O’Neal
15-time NBA All-Star
4-time NBA World Champ

"The pro athlete's secret weapon!"

– Dr. Ian
Host of The Doctors on CBS

"Laura's creation of Quantum Sports Medicine and her Quantum Player Development are bar-none. She is the NBA's Kobe Bryant of mental performance training"

– Dee Brown
Former Boston Celtics Player
1991 Slam Dunk Champion
Inventor of the Dab

About Laura

Laura M Wilde is a Zone Coach and Holistic Mental Performance Specialist for Elite Performers.

Coach Laura is a thought leader in the field of holistic player development and holistic sports medicine. She works with elite NCAA and WNBA, NBA, NFL and MLB athletes, staff and coaches. She is also a partner with Turn2 Equity Partners.

Laura works in the emerging field of Holistic Mental Performance as a quantum (mind-body) medicine practitioner, meditation coach, mental resilience and consistency specialist and is an advanced and certified practitioner of Quantum Healing Energy work. Laura teaches sports energy medicine, resilient wellness, alpha zone and intuition classes in person and on Zoom. 

In 2012 she created Quantum Sports Medicine and Quantum Player Development. These fields fill the gap between the quantum and western practices for athletes so that building the whole person becomes the key in player development. This way, deep-level healing becomes the greater purpose for player development and sports medicine. She is also the author of  these books: The Cosmic Athlete, Quantum Sports Medicine, Making the Team: 64 Ways to Succeed in School, Sports and Life and The Map of Your Future. Her newest book is The Power of Intuition Intelligence, written with co-author EnRico Melson, M.D. It will be released December 2020. 

Laura is a former NCAA two-sports college scholarship athlete and an NCAA Head Coach. Her big addition to the field of sports performance is in the area of epigenetic. Through her studies with a molecular biologist, Coach Laura has learned that epigenetic’s markers on the DNA code affect player performance. As a practitioner in this new field of epigenetic energy medicine and other holistic healing modalities, she can help identify and release these markers to improve health and performance for athletes. She is also the Founder of CHAMPS: the Coalition of Holistic Athletic Mental Performance Specialists.

Her education includes Bachelor’s Degrees in English Literature and Holistic Health Sciences and she is currently working toward her PhD in Quantum Medicine. 

Laura also holds certifications in Alpha Zone Training, Sports Nutrition, Holistic Healing, Epigenetic’s Energy Medicine, Body Ecology, Neuroscience and Health Coaching. 

She is a former NCAA Grad Asst. Coach at Pepperdine University, an NCAA Head Basketball Coach at UC Santa Cruz and University of Dallas, a High School Coach at Malibu High School, and a former NCAA basketball and track scholarship athlete. 

Her life’s purpose is to help athletes and others unleash their genius in a new and unique way. 

More about Laura…

  • NBA Mental Performance Specialist
  • WNBA Mental Performance Specialist
  • MLB Mental Performance Specialist
  • Founder: Quantum Sports Medicine™
  • Certified Intuitive Medicine & Holistic Healthcare Practitioner
  • Creator: Quantum Player Development™
  • Also a Mental Performance Coach for CFL & NFL athletes
  • Former NCAA Head Basketball Coach
  • Founder of CHAMPS: Coalition of Holistic Athletic Mental Performance Specialists

Wellness Specialist • Meditation Teacher • Certified Intuition Instructor • 13-years in holistic healing • 25+ yrs in mindful athletic coaching • Former NCAA scholarship athlete • PhD: 2021 Natural Medicine • Author • Speaker

Education and Certificates

  • Advanced, Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner
  • Certified Body Intuitive Practitioner
  • Epigenetics Energy Medicine Specialist
  • Certified in Body Ecology
  • UCLA College (Sports) Counseling Certificate
  • Ivy League Certificate from Columbia University in Sports Management
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Health Coach
  • Neuroscience Academy Certification
  • BA, English, University of Dallas
  • Pepperdine School of Public Policy,
  • Pepperdine Law School
  • Natural Medicine, PhD in progress (2021)

My Mission

People Unleash Their Genius.

How I Work with Elite Performers

I specialize in helping athletes and teams get in the zone which helps them have resilience, consistency and adaptability.

I help athletes achieve overall excellence through pioneering work and my unique brand of sports performance (think: oneness, the alpha zone of peak performance, body-mind medicine, and then stir in some applied quantum mechanics for excellent body and mind health) Epigenetic Player Development™ (the new Sports Performance work for an athlete’s physical health and mental resilience and of course it’s based on the most recent science) SupraMental training (exceeds your average mind training program), and building an athlete’s Intuition.

A Few Things I’ve Achieved

  • Worked with LAUSD and transformed counseling offices across the district to help athletes with eligibility

  • Two-time NBA playoffs mental performance coach

  • Accomplished NCAA athlete and less accomplished Head Coach (transparency)

  • Helped over 150,000 HS athletes in 3 states gain NCAA eligibility

  • Positive Coaching Alliance Fellow